Twitterfest and scootmobile

One of the slogans of internettravelcompany Orbitz, is “Get it. Use it”. I would like to propose a change to that slogan, being “I want to use it. Do you get it?” The answer to that is a resounding NO.
I had booked my tickets for the summer vacation at Orbitz and that went smooth – except for one thing: there was no way I could express my need for the transport of my scootmobile.

I know that it is possible to bring a scootmobile along – however the airline needs to give permission upfront and it needs to check that your scootmobile is in line with the rules and regulations for a flight.

Then my Quest for Assistance started.

At first I decided to mail KLM as I was under the impression they would be the operators of this flight. I mailed them but it took forever to get an answer. They told me I had to get in touch with Orbitz, as they would not handle requests directly from travellers themselves. So i did manage to locate Orbitz Cucrtomer Service Chat, and the following discussion took off:

Keren: Hi, my name is Keren. How may I help you? 
cvapatient: Hello, 
 Keren: Hi, 
cvapatient: I need assistance because I am disabled and have a scootmobile 
cvapatient: the transport of the scootmobile needs to be requested by Orbitz to the KLM 
cvapatient: So that is what I am asking of you 
cvapatient: I do have a declaration from my doctor that it is needed 
cvapatient: and I have flown with this scootmobile before 
 Keren: I’m happy to assist you today! Let me check your reservation, just for security reasons may I please have your billing zip code used to book in? 
cvapatient: My ZIP is *****
cvapatient: and the billing code is 
cvapatient: ***** 
cvapatient: (KLM) 
 Keren: Thank you! 
cvapatient: It is a small scootmobile – GOGO traveller PRIDE. It meets all the requirements 
 Keren: Ann: I was checking the options we have and we only have the option to request wheelchair assistance with the airline in this case will be necessary to request it with the airline directly. 
cvapatient: KLM does not accept that and refers me to you. I don’t need assistance in the aircraft though- I need their cooperation in the transport of my traveller scootmobile 
cvapatient: I have arranged the assistance to and fro the aircraft. 
cvapatient: But they need to know I come with a portable scootmobile as it needs to be stored in a special way. 
 Keren: I understand that you need, but we do not have the option to do. 
cvapatient: And I need them to allow me to get into the aircraft first with the other disabled passenges so I can walk slowly to my seat. 
cvapatient: KLM refuses that request directly from me and maintain it should go through Orbitz 
cvapatient: So now I am stuck.
 Keren: I suggest you to contact us at 1-877-808-6077 and our team will contact the airline on your behalf.

cvapatient: It would have saved me a lot of scarce energy 
cvapatient: Will call them now- Tx for your ‘help’ 

I was caught in the middle!
To be continued


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